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Welcome to Dandelion Days.

I started this blog to share my thoughts, ideas and musings on life. Through the sharing of my own journey I hope to plant seeds of hope and or inspiration in other’s lives.

The name ‘Dandelion Days’  is very symbolic for me. The dandelion and its seeds represent something of growth, and how when blown on, the seeds scatter – symbolizing how from pain comes growth.

I have a passion for life and its Creator!  When it is nearly taken from you, you realise what a gift it is!



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  1. Yay!!!!! And so your stories are finally being written. Oh the beauty and hope that you radiate friend. I KNOW this blog is going to speak into so many peoples hearts. Cheering you on friend. All my love, Janine

  2. you are such an inspiring woman! I wish you much love, luck and joy with your articles xxxx

  3. Cayly I am so proud of you and the progress that you are making day by day after having so much thrown at you to try and keep you off your God ordained path! Continue to keep that beautiful smile in this stunning photo of you. Be blessed precious Princess of the most High God.

  4. Gretchen Jordaan

    Wonderful reading Cayls! I am so proud of you! xxx

  5. I heard your story via Facebook & I think you are truly strong, brave & incredible! May the Lord continue to shine light on your path & shower you with blessings.

  6. I applaud for speaking out about our societys ills and being so positive about life after such an ordeal its people like you who motivate others to move on no matter the troubles they ve encountered yet you are so young may the good lord be with you and bless you

  7. Alicia Harris

    So I’ve known you for over 12 years now and although I haven’t seen you for half of that time you have always been an amazing friend and sister.
    I am so inspired by the happiness you shine, the knowledge you share and the inspiration you provide.

    So many people look up to you for how you overcome obstacles in your life and still seem to find the joy in life.

    I am truly blessed to know you and touched by the stories you tell…

    Love u babe *



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