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Monthly Archives: March 2013

I Dare You…


I haven’t written a post in absolute ages! They warn you about that in the top 10 things NOT to do as a blogger…I’m pretty sure it is like number one?! ‘Don’t forget to update your blog!’

Whoooopsy…I’ve been so busy living life that I have omitted to sit down and actually write about it. Will you allow me to say that ‘I’ve been busy doing research for future blogs’?! Okay, thank you, now that sounds a lot better, doesn’t it!

I am immensely excited to tell you about a life changing project, called Love Story, that friends of mine officially launched a few weeks ago. Their primary vision is to bring hope to those in need within our City. These needs vary from the need for food, clothing, shelter, to emotional, empowerment and development needs. It initially started off with a few moms with tots realising the dire need for ‘love’ to be shown to the many unloved and uncared for little hearts within our community. Cue women on a mission to show love and make a difference. From soup kitchens to clothing parcels to crèche makeovers, care-giver/teacher training, hospital visits etc. These women, who I am honoured to call my friends, have been unstoppable in their endeavours to make a difference and bring change, especially to the lives of children. Whoohoo!

Love Story, has in a short space of time, totally captured my heart and filled my tear ducts to overflowing. Recently, I have got involved in a weekly ‘Creative Play Date” where we as a small team go into a township and share a bit of creativity and culture in the form of danceand drama with these precious children. What an enriching experience it is. I thought I would be showing love and teaching them something, but oh no, I am the one who walks away having learnt much and been enriched. Seeing the desolation and the brokenness of these places and people hurts my heart greatly and one can easily turn a blind eye, or think, ‘Oh, this is hopeless, this is just the tip of the iceberg. What difference can little ol’ me make?’, but how else do you eat an elephant if not bite by bite?! If we all pick up a chisel and take one hack at the proverbial iceberg, the face of our nation will change. We all have different resources, talents and abilities to offer that will make a difference.image

May I be bold for a moment and say, ‘I dare you to offer them’!

I was recently privileged to be a Speaker at a High Tea in aid of Charity hosted by Love Story together with Silk Cafe (a women’s group affiliated to Fathers House Family Church in Richmond Hill). Wow, it was an amazingly auspicious occasion at which about 300 ladies all dressed up to the nines got together in a beautifully decorated venue, ate decadent treats, sipped tea and discussed what they would dare to do to make a difference in our City. Yip, you guessed it, the theme of the High Tea was DARE and dare we did! The aim of each sharing a dare was to inspire the ladies to realise their capacity and potential and the impact thereof. The funds raised at this event are going towards building a new crèche (currently about 100 children are being cared for in a shack about the size of a single garage) with toilets, electricity and running water. It is hoped to equip it with toys, furniture and stationary. Oh, what a happy day that will be! Have a look at

I had the great honour and privilege of speaking to these women about my thoughts and heart behind my own dare, which was ‘Dare to Flourish, despite one’s circumstances’. I mentioned in my speech, that it is from a heart that flourishes, that we can impact the hearts and lives of others. When our cups are full, they will spill over into the lives of others. It was absolutely incredible for me to see how many ladies wrote down their dare as, ‘I dare to flourish.’


I dare you to do the same regardless of the situation in which you may currently find yourself.
Of course it is a lot easier said than done, especially when we go through times of intense struggle, extreme suffering and devastating loss and when things aren’t going remotely the way we thought they would. When it feels like our branches are being ripped off and flourishing is impossible. It’s okay. The master gardener knows what He is doing. He knows what it will take to get you to the place He needs you.

“For as the earth bursts with spring windflowers , and as a garden cascades with blossoms, so the Master, God, brings righteousness into full bloom and puts praise on display before the nations”
Isaiah 61

I dare you…to make a difference!