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You Are Designer Original

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I have just read a beautiful article written by TD Jakes that really caught my eye and I knew I just had to share this… It’s called, ‘Designer Original’.

“One of the things that makes high fashion designs so expensive is that they are one-of-a-kind creations. A woman who buys haute couture designs knows that she isn’t going to see her dress on any other woman. She knows she is going to have a superbly crafted garment. In many cases, it will be hand-stitched and custom-tailored to fit her like a soft leather glove fits a hand. She knows that every aspect of the design of her garment has been carefully conceived and constructed. Women are willing to pay a high price for an original design.

And so it should be when we look at our lives. God has put us together in a way that cannot and should not be replicated. He chose every  aspect of our personalities, crafted every gift and talent He bestowed on us, and gave special thought to each one of our features and traits. We were hand-made by Him in our mother’s womb. He custom designed us to fit a specific role in His sovereign plan for the ages.

You are a Designer Original. God made you to be one of a kind. Your finger print is different from that of anybody elses  – living or dead. The same goes for your hand print, foot print, voice print and you entire genetic code. Nobody else has the combination of physical traits you have. Nobody else has the identical set of genes.

And even if you did have the exact genetic makeup of another person, you would still be unique. Nobody else has been placed by God in exactly your family, your neighbourhood, your church, your group of friends and sociates. Nobody else has been put on the earth at precisely this moment in history. Nobody else has had the same experiences you’ve had. Nobody else has the same talents and personality quirks and strengths and weaknesses and abilities and disabilities and skills and training and connections. NOBODY has ever been just like you. and nobody ever will be just like you. You are a designer original!

Have you celebrated yourself?

Have you ever praised God for the way He made you? If not, today is a good day to begin”

TD Jakes pretty much summed it up perfectly here, so all that’s left for me to ask is, are you living your life as a designer orignal or a shoddy replica?


Cayly (An orginal who sometimes forgets her value and worth)


My Dear Deer

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Warning: this post contains very real and authentic emotions putting me in a vulnerable position. So if mushy love puke is not your thing – move on.
For those of you who don’t know me… I am VERY sentimental and symbolic! (I will find a metaphor in most things)

So when a very precious friend gave me a gorgeous pair of swallow earrings today, my metaphoric mind started churning. I have a love of little birds like Swallows and Robins(my middle name is Robyn). I think they are the sweetest little things. I especially love what they symbolise.

Swallows speak to us about partnership. Swallows pair monogamously.
The swallow is a noble bird, with a rich history.  It is a symbol of honour,  faith, love and hope.  To sailors in olden days, it represented everything from  luck to loyalty.  It served as a reminder of family, friendship and honour.

I’d like a relationship like this, not with a swallow of course, but a relationship filled with love, honour faith and hope…
Seeing these beautiful swallows just reminded me that a relationship like this is possible with God’s guidance.

For the past few months I have been toying with the idea of getting a tattoo… I’m still weighing up the options. So I prayed about it, yes, I prayed about a tattoo!!!  I’d REALLY like a tattoo of two deer.

Now, the deer also symbolises something so beautiful to me. There are two verses in the bible that stand out for me, Habakkuk 3:19… it says, “The Lord is my strength , and He will make my feet like Hind’s feet, and He will make me able to walk on high places” The other is Psalm 18 vs 33…”He makes my feet like the feet of a deer;  He enables me to stand on the heights.”

When I pray for my future man, (yes I pray for tattoos and an as yet non-existent husband – you must think I have lost the plot!), I saw a picture of a deer and a stag. So I researched it some more, especially as I was wanting to get it inked onto my skin. A couple of weeks later a different friend gave me a beautiful sketch of a deer on a mountain top!

The Deer (female) symbolise gentleness, kindness, compassion, grace, femininity, adventure, awareness, renewal.
The Stag (male) symbolises masculinity, regeneration, guidance, pride, healing, purification, strength, independence.

Wow… what a combination!  I just felt I must share what’s on my heart, perhaps my metaphors might just help you.

I am so looking forward to God bringing a Stag in to my life to live a relationship like that of a swallow! What a beautiful picture that is! I’m not looking for someone to complete me, but rather complement me. A Stag complements the deer. It brings its strength to the deer. It uses its antlers to fight off the other males, for the opportunity to attract the female in the herd. The deer brings is swiftness, acceptance, gentle strength to the Stag.

Watch this space, and see if this deer is brave enough to ink.

All my love Cayly/ eagerly awaiting her Stag

Bloom In The Desert

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‘The exuberant joy of new things springs forth in former desert places.’

I am loving this sentence!

I find myself in a place of such peace and serenity with where I am at in life.  Admittedly, life has thrown me some ugly curve balls, but I do believe that I have allowed them to be used to develop my character.  I am now also equipped to help and encourage others who are enduring pain.

When I chose the name Dandeliondays and image for this blog it was because of what it symbolised for me.  When the dandelion is blown on, the seeds that are attached to it are dislodged. They are not just removed they are blown off and AWAY, to plant something NEW, somewhere new.

This happens in our life  – harsh gusts of wind in the forms of pain, divorce, sickness, death etc are blown our way.  Things happen that hurts us, but from those things can come growth.  I truly believe that I am a testimony to this.

I have spent the last few years, and especially the last year healing and growing. I am so amazed at how much I have grown and what I have learnt.

I have closed the doors to things that were harmful for me and said God, you open the right doors!

I have seen the growth from the pain, and wow, it is so great to see that I have VICTORY! I am happy where I am!  I have endured and overcome and am expectant of  joy and  blessings.

I am so looking forward to what lies ahead –  My future.

Along with God, I am moving forwards, onwards and upwards. What wonderful mysteries still await me? I am looking forward in excited expectancy to see what doors will open.  I know that they will only be the right ones, as my Heavenly Father wants only the best for me. That is why doors sometimes close, because God has BETTER that He wants to give  me (and you)!

As Joyce Meyers says, ‘In life you can either choose to let things make you bitter or better’. I have made the choice to be better!

What doors do you still have open that should be shut?

May I encourage  you to relinquish control and allow God to open the right doors for you? I have.

Forwards, Onwards and Upwards!